September 19th, 2007

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Hong Kong day 2:

Woke up pretty late but still in time for the included breakfast (this was one of the things that I was sure I didn’t hook off when I made the reservation online but when we got here I still had to pay for).

A few toasts and scrambled eggs later we headed out without any real goal for the day except to find new cool toys and stuffs to buy. Magne wanted to check out a techy part of town to find a tripod for his camera so that’s where we went, Took the tube and got off at Tsim Sha Tsui station, immediately after walking off the station we realised that this was hong kong’s tourist trap no. 1.

We were approached by man after man trying to sell us ”copy watches” or leather jackets and the likes. The temperature was 32celsius so I can’t really imagine anyone wanting to buy a leather jacket. Anyway, we walked around a bit and Magne realised we were close to this chinese garden on top of a mall so we went and it was very relaxed. You couldn’t hear the city even tho it was a small small park and more or less anywhere you looked someone was doing Tai Chi or playing Xiangqi. At the middle there was a shallow fishpond with small turtles and fish annd people were just chilling out.

We then headed to the harbour to check out the view to the bank area which supposedly lights up amazingly at night. We will go back during dark to take some pics etc of the lightshow.

Having done the tourist part of the day I now wanted to get some shopping done and we tookt he tube to Wan Chai (not to be confused with the end station called Chan Wai). I knew of a small street with some better deals than the touristy haggling street I bought the boxerbriefs the day before.

I ended up buying more boxers and this time I paid 15HK$ pr… so basicly I am now getting 20+ boxers for the price of 1 in Norway. I’m not really bummed because they were cheaper here because they didn’t have the same colors so I would still have bought them for more because of the designs varied. So I picked up

9x calvin klein boxershorts/briefs. I’m a sucker for these :D

1x ”Nohohon Zoku – Broccoli type” which is a small happy dude all green like a broccoli who’s tilting his head continously. It’s driven by solar power so he can basicly keep going as long as the sun’s around.

1x Naruto figure. This comes in a box where you don’t know what you’re getting. I love this but a lot of people in Norway actually won’t buy something they can’t see what is.

1x Transformers figure. Same box type as above.

1x Something I’m not really sure what is but it was supercute and definetly something I’d like to import to the store. Same box type as the above.

It seems Super Mario is hot as hell down here so I had to pick up

1x Super Mario keychain with Mario on.

1x Super Mario keychain with Mario, a coin and a small square that lights up when someone calls (wohoo)

1x Mushroom keychain from SMB that doesn’t really do anything but it looks cool :P

2x Gloomy bear keychains, I bought some of these last time as well and I will buy more before this stay is over.

1x Death Note Keychain with L figure and a tiny Death Note. So far I haven’t seen much Death Note stuff but I hope to find more. One store did have 2 big figures but they were like 50 USD so I won’t be buying them.

1x Keychain, totally plain but the old one I had was starting to wear out so I needed a new one.

After all this we went back to the hotell to eat some noodles and get an hour of sleep. We were still jetlagged and really needed it before we went back out.

We went to Langham Place, up the street and found the market street where I bought the 10 first boxerbriefs the first day. If you walk behind all the stands there are actually loads of more shops and we walked this bit to try and find more cool stuff. I found a Domo-kun bag but in the end I didn’t buy it as it didn’t have shoulderstraps or anything.

In the end I only bought another of the solar powered head but this one was styled more in a Kozik or Deady the bear kind of way. They had many but it’s still just day two and I already need another suitcase…

There will be pictures of all this but I still haven’t found a picture editing program that really works for me. Suggestions appreciated ;)

After a long long day of walkind around we went to Langham Place to eat as they have a lot of western style restaurants and I’m very picky on what I eat. In the end we found a great tiny italian place who served up the food like 1 minute after you ordered it. I think we’ll eat there at least one more time before we leave.

Anyway, gotta get some sleep, signing out