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Hong Kong recap day 7 & 8 & 9

Hi guise, well I kinda didn't update the last 3 days there as I wasn't in the mood to spend time online when I could be out and about in one of my alltime favorite cities in the world.

Anyway day 7 recap:

It was a late morning and we missed breakfast but given it was only a couple pieces of toast and a glass of juice it kinda didn't matter.

Magne was gonna do his thing and I really didn't have anything in mind myself so we split up cause he wanted to go buy souveniers for friends and family back home and I'm not much of a souv shopper. Leaving him at the MTR (subway) I kinda just wandered around for a while taking it all in. Stores, people, adverts, tvscreens, you know, everything.

Not having eaten breakfast I went to a small place I just stumbled upon and ate some pretty average baguette and orange juice.

Feeling refreshed I got some more walking done and found a few internet gaming cafees but none of them had any european games, only asian online games. It was great fun because I saw several people multiboxing (playing several characters at once on 2-3 computers) and also saw people sleeping in their chair while their character just stood there being afk in a city etc.

Then I went to the biggest arcade I know of and got some gaming done myself. I spent more or less the entire day down there playing these games:

Hyper Bishi Bashi Champion (basicly 3 buttons and push them as skillfully as you can)

Initial D 3 and 4. I was ultra beaten by the crazy kids who spend all their time there.

House of the dead 4, Norway needs an arcade again... I was totally out of shape on my games.

Time crisis 4, again.. I didn't get very far.

Gundam Wing, I wish this had been in english cause I tried it a few times but in the end I had no clue what I was doing. I spent quite some time looking at the other players trying to figure it out.

King of fighters and tekken 5. These games are fun but kinda limited so I didn't spend too much time on them.

I played a drumming game, kinda asian drumming oldschool style on big drums. I don't know the name but I'm sure some of you know what I'm talking about. (not drum mania, this was just 1 drum).

Played some card game where the point was to get rid of all your cards and you have 2 opponents. No idea what it was called but I kinda got into it.

I played more games but I can't really remember them all, I think I spent like 500HK$ there :P

Meeting up with Magne again for dinner we we're kinda blargh to the whole idea so we found a cinema and watched a crappy crappy movie called "Chuck & Larry". It's supposed to be a comedy but it totally failed for me. I didn't even chuckle during the whole thing.

Dinner and back to the hotelroom for an early night.

Day 8 recap:

Met up with Charlie again to go shopping this time. We had the obligatory breakfast

and then Magne went to Macau to take a look at what's now a bigger gambling city than Las Vegas.

I met up with Charlie and we went to ship the clothes off to Norway from the store I found them at a few days earlier. (They've already arrived in Norway and should be out i the store for sale early next week)

We then headed to a wholesale area of hong kong and I just turned into the biggest kid in the best candystore in the world. We went from store to store and I picked out anything I could think of that would sell well in the stores. I won't reveal too much but there's a very big chance that we will get these in the store during this fall.

There are also tons of other items that I have incoming but I don't want to reveal too much too early ;) Half the fun is that people have to come to the store and actually find things for themselves. We spent half the day doing this while it was raining heavily. I'm saying heavily but it was only a Typhoon rating 1 (they go up to 12). Charlie then brought me to a mall to eat and they had a sit down area and like 15 different "restaurants" you could order from. I got some veggie ramen cause I'm very very cautious about eating meat in foreign countries. My tummy is really sensitive to these things

Charlie got some crazy things like crispy fish skin and things I couldn't even identify :D

Being soaked and knowing that Magne was on his way back from Macau (also soaked as he didn't have a umbrella either), I fixed the last details with Charlie and went back to the hotel. I don't know why but I just fell asleep right there and then and when I woke I saw magne sleeping in his bed as well. I guess the weatherchange and the 92% humidity (seriously...) just got us really knackered. Woke up and went out to eat and just relax. I tried to get Magne to play some arcadegames but he wasn't interested so we kinda just walked around looking at stores and we also went to buy magne a tripod for his camera.

Charlie had told me about a "techno" mall where they sell everything you need computer, camera, tv, dvd etc crap. In the end we found a highclass tripod for less than half the price of what it costs in norway and Magne was very happy about getting it. He took some awesome pics later that I might get from him to post here.

I also found these

They were both almost as tall as I am, I'm guessing 160cm tall. I wanted them.. badly!

Day 9 recap:

Last day, wanted to do everything, ended up not doing much really :P

We woke very late and again skipped breakfast. Feeling kinda naughty we ate cake for breakfast, which actually worked out very well as I got a high sugarlevel and felt hyper all day ^_^ I'm not sure Magne agrees that me having a sugarhigh equals "working out" but hey :P

It started raining so we went to watch a movie and ended up watching the new King movie, 1408.

I was seriously jumping half the movie and magne was cursing under his breath everytime something scary came on screen, which was like every 5 seconds. It wasn't a great story but it was scary enough to get my blood pumping. Then we just wandered aimlessly around and I picked up a few last day items I knew I wanted to get but wasn't sure if I could fit into the suitcase.

I ended up buying some belts at 20HK$ a piece and another hat just because I wanted it. Magne also bought some more souveniers for friends and it was really a short short day without much happening. It was semi raining the entire day and it was kinda gloomy allover. It was also a holiday of some sorts where everyone eats something called "mooncake" and then go out to dinner during the evening. Also alot of fireworks and the like all over the city.

Met up with charlie to get a Louis Vuitton fake vallet he'd gotten for me. I'm serious, I've seen a few fakes but this one is so wellmade it even had the "original" box they come in. I paid very very little for something that looks to be a 100% original.

He also had a prada bag but it really wasn't my style bag at all and he had other buyers for it so it was all good. We made an early night of it since we had to be up at 8 the following day to travel all the way back to norway.

Travel day:

Early early up, got all my postcards sent and then headed to the airport. At the train station where the airport express leaves from you could actually check in your bags and there was NO line to do it. We giggled all the way from the trainstation to the airport because we'd already checked in. At the airport we laughed at all the people standing in endless lines to check their luggage in and we headed straight for passport controll. 10 minutes later we werepast security checkpoints and ordered a breakfast burger :P

Planeride HK to frankfurt = 12 hours with shitty food, except they gave us noodles as a snack and that rocked. Watched shrek 3 which was even more boring that looking at the clouds thru the window.

frankfurt airport was boring as hell and then plane to oslo was just less than 2 hours. I was home at about 1 at night tho my head was still set on hk time so it was really 7 in the morning for me. travelled for almost 22 hours with the waiting at all airports etc.

I leave you with a few pictures from the Victoria Peak :)


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