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hong kong day 5 & 6 recap

Hong Kong day 5 & 6 recaps:

Trying to get up to date by doing two days in one! /gasp I know.

Anyway, day 5 first.

Magne and I split up as he wanted to go to the big buddha and do the tourist thing. I wanted to shop some clothes and thus the day began with a breakfast at the hotell.

I went to a few shopping malls I had spotted out while looking for toys the previous days to buy some clothes. It turns out that most of the places I wanted to check out didn’t open till like 1 – 2 in the afternoon. I dunno why but I’m guessing that since their main target customer are school/college students they don’t really have to be open during the morning. To make up for lost time they stay open till 10 – 11 at night so it all evens out.

I ended up at a starbucks waiting for the malls to open and while there I wrote down some ideas I have to the store when I get back. I think I’ll do something for october and halloween, we’ll see ;)

An hour or so later thinking and scheming almost cackling maniacly while drinking my orange juice (and getting some looks) I went back to the shopping centre called Chic to get some clothes. The stores we’re still just opening and loads of them were still closed. I did find a couple open ones and I just went in to browse a little. While browsing I got a sms from Magne at the buddha, he was really angry because his camera was screwing up only filming total white. It had worked like 20 minutes before but just as he got to the buddha it started filming white. It turns out he had managed to turn ”night vision” on and that overrules all other functions on that specific camera.

At least he got it right and filmed stuff at the buddha. His camera is too new so I don’t have the software nor could I find the download for it so we won’t be able to upload any video like we initially wanted to day by day.

In the first store I was in I found a pair of pants that just downright rocked. They’re doing a thing here with them that makes them look very very wrinkly and it’s a cool look I totally fell for (don’t tell anyone but I’m going back if I can fit any more in my suitcase).

The 2nd shop had 2 tshirts that I just had to buy. They were about 80HK$ each but I couldn’t live without them. It turns out when I got back to the hotell that the woman at the store gave me the wrong tshirt. The one I got had a collar on it which I’m not really a fan of. I might just rip the collar off and make the tshirt look rugged, which I think will work very well.

A few shops later I had purchased a lot more and the total came to

3x pair of pants that I wouldn’t get anywhere in norway.

2x tshirts I could only dream of finding elsewhere

1x belt, this was very standard and low quality but I broke my belt last night changing pants. It was only 40HK$ so whatever, as long as it holds till I’m back in norway.

1x suitcase to fill with more stuff :D

I then went back to the hotell cause I was absolutely beat and the heat was killing me. I normally do very well in heat but this is hard when you’re doing as much shopping as I’m doing. Back in the room I decided to finish my travelbook I brought and I’m very pleased with it. If you want a very good fantasy book from a up and coming author you should really check out

Scott Lynch’s Locke Lamora. The 2nd of the series is out as well and is called Red Skies something something. I can’t remember but I’ll definetly pick it up when I’m back home.

At about 5 Magne was back from the buddha thing and he was very happy with the trip out there. It beat stanley market by far apparently J

We hung out a while so he could get cooled down and then went back out to do some more eyeshopping. We came across a toystore that had a crazy window display filled with designer toys from asia, europe and usa. They even had a 6feet tall Optimus Prime oldschool style in there. Needles to say we spent a lot of time just oogling that window J

I bought a Panda Z tshirt that’s absolutely amazing but I think I have to handwash the bastard cause there’s some plastic on it. It really doesn’t matter cause it’s ultra cool.

After that we went to mcdonalds near the hotell to eat and back to the room to sleep. It doesn’t sound like much but we’re doing a lot of walking down here to find cool stores and it’s very exhausting because the heat and humidity are so intense. (Totally worth it tho)

Day 6 recap :D

We were discussing what to do over breakfast (hey, I had to pay extra so I’m gonna eat as much as I can!) but we couldn’t really pinpoint what to do. Magne suggested we check out a few japanese malls he’d read about and since I couldn’t come up with something better we took off. After travelling and changing a couple of subways we got to the first mall, called Sogo. It was a let down hard style. The only store that kinda peaked my interested was the Superlovers store but they only had girlfit tshirts so no go for me.

We then spent like 30 minutes trying to find a mall that should be almost across the street from the other one, in the end it turned out it had been demolished along with the 3rd and last mall we were going to. Bad luck huh?.

Annoyed that we were out of a plan yet again we looked up at the sky and realised it was very clear, almost no pollution. What gave it away was yhou could actually see the blue sky, which was a first for our stay here. It’s been sunny before that but just a grey haze where the sky’s supposed to be. We decided to take the peak tram up to Victoria Peak since our previous plans had been foiled.

Another half hour trying to look for a crappy bus we didn’t even need because while looking we found a sign pointing to the tram for pedestrians. It was less then 5 minutes walk and the bus would probably take longer since it was at a point further away. We got to the line which was about 20 minutes but the sun was mercilessly grilling us during 18 of them. I was soaked on the back but at the end of the queue they had a fan and that dried me up for the tram ride up the mountain.

If you’re norwegian and been to Bergen you will recognise the whole thing as they have a similar tram up the mountain there called ”fløyen”. I recommend both the victoria peak tram and the one in bergen to anyone as they are very cool and give you a great view of the cities.

One thing I want to emphasize at the victoria one is that you buy both the tram ticket + the combo to go to the sky terrace. If you don’t you’ll end up buying it for 5 HK$ more at the top. We did, even tho we were very set that we wouldn’t before we got there.

Up on the sky terrace we took infinite pictures and the view really is the best I have ever seen overlooking a city. We got to see more or less all of hong kong island as well as what surrounds it across the water. We saw stanley market on the other side as the peak is located directly on the mountain pass. I didn’t think I would like it at all going there but when I got there it was more of an ”why the hell didn’t I go before”.

Awesome as it was it was also insanely hot on the terrace and you couldn’t go back in and come back out without paying again so we stayed until we had taken enough pictures and got some filming done. Back innside we went to a restaurant called Bubba Gump (from forrest gump) where they served a lot of shrimp dishes as well as the best lemonade I’ve had in ages (could be the heat playing with my mind). We both got the burger of the house and garlic bread to start with. It was actually A LOT cheaper than what we paid at stanley market and so much better.

If you’re doing 1 thing in hong kong I think I would have to say go to Victoria peak.

Spending most of the day up there we finally headed back down via the tram. We walked a few blocks to go to a shopping street made of escalator type pathwalks. On the way there we passed a mall withonly high class stores like Prada, Gucci, and all those and I saw the biggest Louis Vuitton store I’ve ever seen. It kinda puts the rest of them to shame. Btw I’m getting a fake LV wallet from a chinese dude I know later during our stay, I’ll be paying 120HK$ for it. That’s like 3 times as much as the ones on the market but this one is even made on the same place as the real LV ones and it’s totally authentic except for it being fake ;)

Day 6 was a long one, after the shopping street of escalators we went back to mongkok, stopped by a cake shop for refreshments and a piece of yummy chocolate cake.

Out on the street again I couldn’t resist anymore. Ok, ok I had to.. I bought the frigging Domo-kun plush. It fills my entire suitcase and I have no idea how the hell I’m going to get it back with me… but at least I have it!!! :D

I was going for a smaller one but that was actually TWICE the price of the bigger one because the bigger one was on sale :( Also bought another tshirt.

Day 6 purchases

1x big ass domo kun plush I don’t have room for

1x cool tshirt, it’s girlfit but it was big so I think I can get away with it. If not I’m sure I’ll find someone to donate it to.

This is michael signing out day 6. a few days left but trust me, I haven’t maxed out my card by far yet and I know I might go totally insane the last day just spending whatever I can ;)

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